The Angel Festival exists
so that people can
learn, discover, share,
and talk about angels
with others
in freedom without judgment.

T he M ission

THE ANGEL FESTIVALSM is a non-profit venture to share
angelic thoughts from all religions, faiths, and philosophies.

THE ANGEL FESTIVALSM is a community festival
to bring diverse people together in a harmonious atmosphere to share knowledge
about angels described in doctrine, as well as to display and partake
of angelic arts and crafts, angelic singing, angelic dancing, angelic music, angelic lectures,
angelic drawings, angelic door prizes, and angelic food.

THE ANGEL FESTIVALSM in the spirit of free speech and charity,
is open to all vendors, lecturers, artists, and performers espousing and / or displaying
any angel products, any angel literature, and any angel ideas.

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A ll F aithsW elcomed

A ngelic F un !

The Angel Festival is modeled after The Parliament of the World's Religions founded by Charles C. Bonney, a Swedenborgian. In that spirit, THE ANGEL FESTIVAL invites all religions to participate to share their beliefs about angels.

The first Parliament of the World's Religions was held in 1893, at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago.
The second Parliament of the World's Religions was held in 1993, at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago.
Candace Frazee, Director of The Angel Festival attended and worked in the Swedenborg Booth there.

In 1893, the World's Fair
was in Chicago, Illinois.
Charles Carroll Bonney,
(1831-1903) a Chicago lawyer and a Swedenborgian, proposed the idea that in connection with the Fair's exhibition "of the material triumphs, industrial achieve-ments, and mechanical victories of man, however magnificent that display may be, something higher and nobler is demanded by the enlightened and progressive spirit of the present age."

Thus a convention of twenty different departments was created. Mr. Bonney was Chairman of the convention,
titled, World's Congress Auxiliary of the World's Columbian Exposition, of which the Congress of Religion
the Parliament of the World's Religionswas the crowning glory.

Bonney began his Opening Speech with: "Worshippers of God and lovers of Man, Let us rejoice that we have lived to see this glorious day!"

He later said: "As the finite can never fully comprehend the infinite, nor perfectly express its own view of the divine, it necessarily follows that individual opinions of the divine nature and attributes will differ. But, properly understood, these varieties of view are not causes of discord and strife, but rather incentives to deeper interest and examination. Necessarily God reveals Himself differently to a child than to a man; to a philosopher than to one who cannot read. Each must see God with the eyes of his own soul. Each must behold Him through the colored glasses of his own nature. Each one must receive Him according to his own capacity of reception."





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